In the competitive world precise and rapid learning of curriculum, memorizing, remembering the same is essential to answer in the examination.  Subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc., are too hard for most of the students which is advisable to teach in simplex form.  By this, complicated subjects can also understand, remember and answer in appropriate way.

In this direction, in terms of learning there is a need to listen the ancient teaching experts- “I heard but forget, I saw I understand ” – a meaningful proverb.  It is noteworthy that International Standard Educational Learning System is also based on the same proverb. Following this, it is possible to teach complex subjects meanly. It is based on “Nali-Kali”.

On the basis of such educational principles Nischals’ Institute has developed new portable Micro-scale Labs and teaching learning materials [T.L.M.].  It is advantageous to briskly memorize school texts that are revised accordingly to modern learning.  Information is overwhelmed in the present day.  In this situation teachers will face the challenges that students can focus on learning efficiently.

It is notable that Nischals’ learning laboratories differs from traditional educational pattern.  Additionally, they have the clarity of the subject.  It has children-focused concept and mass learning objective.  In classes, activity-based experimental learning method can be used simultaneously with over 5,000 academic learning materials in a simple way [It has respective theme and class based lab protocols].  In this regard DVD’s, charts are based on the simplest model.

All of these models attract students to the learning lab; draw them towards the school regularly.  In this respect, more than 2,500 learning models can be used in the Nischals’ lab.

Nischals’ 3D animated videos are helpful to teach difficult subjects in a simplest way for lots of students to learn.  This allows students to understand things more easily and keep them in mind for a longer time.  This is mainly a communicative learning model that has been designed with ‘experimental learning’ concept.  It is matched mathematically with our state school curriculum.  Each lab also has learning materials, class codes and video guides with the world’s most advanced 3D digital communication content.

In the traditional form of teaching, to complete the academic year curriculum needs 220 working days.  But using Nischals’ teaching materials it can be completed only in 75 to 100 days.  It saves 1/3rd of time.  The rest of the time can be spent on textual content and reconstruction.  Ratnagiri Impex Pvt. Ltd. has taken over the responsibility of delivering useful teaching/learning labs in the state.  Interested people can contact for more information:   Mobile no.- 9886702866 / 9035455867

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